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Substance abuse prevention in Lynnfield

Prevention Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Parenting is one of the hardest and one of the most enriching jobs to have.  No one has all the answers, but when it comes helping your kids stay healthy, be resilient, and prevent substance misuse, there is  plenty of helpful information worth checking out. 

The following sites are resources for parents/grandparents/family members about youth substance use prevention.

Partnership for Drug Free Kids

My favorite site for parents with all types of information! 

Healthy Children.org

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers information on Vaping for parents. 

Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana

Quick tips from the National Institute of Health. 

Power of Parents

MAAD encourages you to have ongoing, intentional conversations with your kids about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking. 

How to Prevent Drug Use at Any Age

Kids are different at every age. Young or old, keep the conversation relevant and on-going!

Talk, They  Hear You

A Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services public service campaign.

Skills to Help Your Child and Family Heal

Use the CRAFT model to build skills in talking to your child.

Stop Medicine Abuse

A site developed by moms for learning about medication abuse.


Downloadable Resources

Social Host Brochure (pdf)


Underage_Drinking_Fact_Sheet_2016 (pdf)


College_Drinking_Fact_Sheet-2016 (pdf)


marijuana_did_you_know (pdf)


WhatYouNeedtoKnowandHowtoTalktoYourKidsAboutVaping (pdf)


2016_SGR_Fact_Sheet_508 (pdf)


First-of-its-Kind-Free-E-Cigarette-Quit-Program-Now-Available-to-Young-Vapers-Looking-For-Help (pdf)


Addressing-Opioid-Overdose-Understanding-Risk-Factors-Prevention-Strategies_1 (pdf)


Alcohol and the Teen Brain

Parents, over 90% of adults with a substance use disorder started using alcohol before the age of 18. Learn how alcohol affects a teen brain and talk to your kids about strategies for delaying use. 

The Power of Parents

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Video for parents.

Legal Marijuana in MA

For more information on marijuana in Massachusetts, check out https://www.mass.gov/learn-about-marijuana

CBS New Report on Vaping

Check out this great video

Trends in Teen Drug Use

Monitoring the Future 2018 presents and overview of trends in Teen Drug Use. 

Talk. They Hear You.

Talking to your kids and setting expectations around drug use is one of the most important things parents can do to influence their child's positive decisions.