55 Summer Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940, USA


Substance abuse prevention in Lynnfield

Who's Involved?

Who's Involved?

We currently have many volunteers,   several community partner organizations, and multiple town departments that meet monthly to discuss implementation and direction of our community-wide prevention initiative.

Board of Directors

A Healthy Lynnfield is a partnership between the Town of Lynnfield and a community-based 501(c) 3. We are governed by a community Board of Directors that represent multiple organizations, residents, and town departments.  A Healthy Lynnfield helps create a community plan for substance use prevention and raises funds to support this work across town departments and the community at large.

Phil Crawford, Town Selectman and Chairman of A Healthy Lynnfield;

Dawn Ripley, resident of Lynnfield
David Breen, Lynnfield Chief of Police;

Glen Davis, Lynnfield Fire Chief;

Kevin Cyr, Lynnfield Director of Teaching & Learning;

Jaime Hayman, Lynnfield School Committee

Kristin McRae , Health Director;

Mary Homan, Director of Nursing;

Rev. Glen Mortimer, Lynnfield Clergy Collaborative

Community Partners

See our Donations page for a list of contributing partner organizations and event sponsors.