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Substance abuse prevention in Lynnfield

Our initiative is aimed at preventing substance abuse and providing recovery resources in our community. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower residents to make positive choices every day. Together, we work to prevent substance misuse, improve the quality of life for those impacted, and to support programs that help all young people thrive. 

Our History

In an effort to promote a healthier and safer community, and in response to the rising misuse of opioids, The Town of Lynnfield formed The Lynnfield Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, known as A Healthy Lynnfield (AHL). 

Through coalition building, engagement of stakeholders, and implementation of proven best practices, municipal leaders in the Town of Lynnfield aim to reverse this crisis, save lives, and create healthy, safe and thriving community. In May 2017, the Lynnfield Board of Selectman approved the formation of a committee to address the misuse of substances.

Today, A Healthy Lynnfield is an active community partnership and a 501(c)3 charitable organization working hard to prevent substance abuse and to ensure those impacted have the help they need.

Meet our Members-Modeling Wellness!

Meet some of our Healthy Lynnfield Members modeling good health and positive community spirit this spring!

Teens, Tweens and Quarantines Materials

If you missed the webinar on Teens, Tweens, and Quarantines, you can view the webinar replay here.  Note: it will show up with a page to enter a webinar room on which you will need to enter your email to get to the video.

 Handouts from Jon's Mattleman's presentation are below along with the list of resources mentioned on the webinar. 


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Join A Healthy Lynnfield in our quest to bring awareness to recognizing mental health as an integral part of overall health.  This month we will feature weekly blogs, newspaper articles, facts on social media and more.  See our Mental Health Page and this month's features.  Be sure to check out our Virtual Webinar!

Important Emergency Management Information MAY 2020


Lynnfield Emergency Management Page

This should be your first stop for all Lynnfield related information. It is important to have a single point of contact for all official Town information.

Lynnfield Public Schools

This will bring you to the Family Support Guidance Document released by the Superintendent of Schools and information on Grab and Go Lunches for those eligible for Free & Reduced Lunches.

Centers for Disease Control

The CDC has updated, accurate scientific information on strategies to prevent disease transmission. 

MA Department of Public Health

For statewide information and updates from the MA Governor and MA Department of Public Health use this site. 

Interface Mental Health Help Line

Interface is a help-line to call to assist you or your family with access to outpatient mental health counseling services and general mental health resources. This service is available to all Lynnfield residents through a contract with William James college.  Interface has indicated they have remote capability to respond to your calls during this crisis, but expect some delays for accessing care. See the video later on this page.

On-line Recovery Supports for People with Substance Use Disorders

Staying in tune with and supporting your recovery from Substance Use Disorders is important during this public health emergency. Here are two resources you can access on line. 

Additional COVID-19 Mental HEalth and SUbstance use resource


Commonwealth Behavioral Health Resource List

This is a quick one page list for substance use and mental health services across the commonwealth.

Mental Health Resource List

This is a broader list for additional mental health support, including hot lines for suicide and domestic violence, hotlines for GLBTQ youth, mental health aps for our phone, and more. 

MA Department of Public Health Video

Check out this great video


A Healthy Lynnfield in partnership with The Town of Lynnfield and William James college are please to provide service to assist any Lynnfield resident in accessing outpatient mental health counseling services.  


There's much to see here. Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us.  We hope you find this site  useful.