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Substance abuse prevention in Lynnfield

Prevention Overview

About Substance Use Prevention


Ever wonder about the prevention framework and science behind coalition building and community prevention work? This publication from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration does a good job of providing an easy to read overview: CLICK HERE to read it. Much of our work at A Healthy Lynnfield is designed around this approach to comprehensive, sustainable, community prevention.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides a substantive list of Behavioral Health Risk and Protective Factors. Reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors is central to keeping Lynnfield youth healthy and substance free. CLICK HERE to view the list of Risk and Protective Factors. 

The Community Tool Box has a full repertoire of information on building healthy communities. 

Lynnfield cares about our future generation.  A Healthy Lynnfield uses a Positive Youth Development (PYD) Framework as part of our community prevention approach.  CLICK HERE for more information on PYD.



This document reviews what works in prevention: building early skills and social competence, peer-led programs, positive norms, meaningful consequences and more. It also reviews what is less effective: scare tactics, one time assemblies and events, testimony from people in recovery, mock car crashes, moralistic approaches and more.